The Couples Healthy Aging Project – CHAP

Recruiting Couples now!

LPC Lifespan is recruiting couples from the Tallahassee area to participate in a study on health and cognition in middle adulthood!

We want to better understand how social, health, and lifestyle factors contribute to how people think and remember things. Help us better understand risk and protective factors for healthy cognitive aging!

Participants must:

be between the ages of 40 and 70 years old

both be willing to participate

be in a committed relationship for one year

Participation involves:

  • An hour-long virtual interview for cognitive testing with a researcher and online surveys to complete at home about your personality, health, and lifestyle
  • Wearing an accelerometer (a watch) for eight days to measure your patterns of physical activity and sleep
  • Completing short surveys and tasks on a study-provided mobile device several times a day for eight days

Participants can be compensated up to $400 per person, or $800 per couple.

For more information, call 850-645-9555 or email