Does personality contribute to the risk of Alzheimer’s?​

Research on the biological and psychosocial mechanisms that lead to dementia is essential to identify appropriate targets for interventions.

Why is a sense of purpose in life good for memory?

A sense of purpose in life is the belief that one’s life and activities are goal-oriented, directed, and worthwhile.

What is the effect of loneliness and close relationships on cognition?

The aim of this project is to better understand the interpersonal component of conscientiousness, how it contributes to better cognitive health, and how it operates within a close relationship.

How does weight stigma harm health?

Unfair treatment because of one’s body weight is common and associated with poor psychological outcomes.

Our research aims to identify psychological and social factors that prevent dementia and support healthier cognition across the lifespan.

Psychological Factors

Examining the interplay between personality and other psychological factors and cognitive function.

Lifespan Approach

Addressing the early environmental origins of personality and cognition and how they co-develop across the lifespan.


Our research is multidisciplinary and spans from genetics to cross-cultural studies.

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Purpose and Engagement in Everyday Life

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Project PEEL

A sense of purpose in life is the belief that one’s life and activities are goal-oriented, directed, and worthwhile.  Greater purpose is associated with better cognitive outcomes across adulthood.

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Current Research

Couples Healthy Aging Project (CHAP)

The purpose of CHAP is to identify how the interpersonal aspects of trait conscientiousness promote healthier cognitive aging across middle adulthood.

California Families Project (CFP)

This project aims to identify mechanisms of cognitive aging across middle adulthood in a sample of Mexican-origin adults.

Personality and Dementia: Mechanisms and Trajectories

This project aims to better understand how individual differences in personality traits and other risk factors contribute to the risk of dementia.

Purpose in life and Cognition

This project examines the protective role of purpose in life on healthier cognition across spectrum of dementia.

Weight Stigma

We examine how discrimination because of higher body weight is associated with physical, cognitive, and mental health outcomes.

Early Environmental Origins of Personality Traits

The purpose of this project is to identify prenatal and early life factors that contribute to the development of personality traits.

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