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New study finds factor that increases your risk of Parkinson’s by 80 percent

An article published in The Hill’s Changing America featured LPC Lifespan’s research with UK Biobank data correlating neuroticism with Parkinson’s.


FSU sets school record with nine Fulbright Scholars

Florida State University News honors LPC Lifespan’s Co-Director Dr. Antonio Terracciano as a member of the record-setting group of 2020-2021 Fulbright Scholars.

Alzheimer’s disease: When does personality start to change?

Medical News Today article outlines LPC Lifespan longitudinal study on dementia-related personality changes.

How lockdown may have changed your personality

BBC highlights LPC Lifespan’s findings on personality change during the pandemic.

‘Fat shaming’ actually increases risk of becoming or staying obese, new study says

NBC article cites LPC Lifespan study on the effects of weight discrimination.

NPR: Loneliness Hasn’t Increased Despite Pandemic, Research Finds. What Helped?

NPR highlights LPC Lifespan’s most recent findings on loneliness and COVID-19.


You’re Only as Old as You Feel

LPC Lifespan collaborators are quoted in this New York Times article on subjective age.


7 Ways Loneliness (and Connectedness) Affect Mental Health

In Forbe’s article on loneliness and mental health, LPC Lifespan’s study connecting dementia risk and loneliness is cited.


Are Your Weight Concerns for Your Kids Too Much?

The U.S. News and World Report cites LPC Lifespan’s study connecting weight gain with parental perceptions.


Fatal Fat Shaming? How Weight Discrimination May Lead to Premature Death

LPC Lifespan’s study on the effect of weight discrimination on premature death is highlighted by Boston’s NPR station, WBUR.


With Age Comes Happiness

Time Magazine reports LPC Lifespan’s study exploring differences in happiness reported by different generations.


Is Your Personality Making You Put On Pounds?

LPC Lifespan’s study on personality and weight gain is highlighted in this article in the Wall Street Journal.